Friday, 25 March 2016

Is it still Domestic?

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'Hell its Tuesday again, they are going to fight again'
While others wake up with kisses on their cheeks, telling stories of the dreams they had, or recounting what happened in school the other day, or how Simba the dog didn't eat quite well last night; others wake up in fear, they start wondering, what do I do today? who do I visit today? I should have left some of my homework to go do at Stacey's, my tunic is torn, but surely today is not the day to tell dad or mum, but what if i get caned tomorrow in school? well, I will simply get into the punishment ditch, with my behind across the teacher, i will think of how heaven is, when am done he will be done beating me.

Who among our human race domesticated violence? it is just as wild as a battle field and our children dread these moments. many are the times we think, that a child who is barely a year, knows nothing, until that day when trauma makes their bones weak, and we still want to call it domestic violence. sometimes we say awful words, sometimes we blackmail, sometimes we threaten and most times we beat up our very loved ones. Shun away from violence, on our spouses and children, we are slowly but surely harming our societies.

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