Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The Power of Self Forgiveness

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Ever wondered, why months and years after seeking forgiveness from them that you wronged, guilt follows you like a shadow? ever wanted to know, why does her indifference bother me? ever wondered, why does his kindness feel wrong? or why won't they just find another path? why are they looking my way? Yet they said they forgave you. You wonder and lock yourself in a cocoon. It is because you didn't forgive yourself. You were lucky to have been forgiven, but you didn't do it to your self.

It is time you freed yourself. Tell yourself,

"this is me, I too can get malicious, I too can get evil. And I know I did. I can't quite know my objectives then, but it happened. And I forgive myself"

 There is no such relief that comes from self forgiveness. It frees you. It makes you feel anew. And most  of all, it makes you grow, accept yourself and even learn to appreciate other peoples weaknesses. So find the person in you, and sit them down, have a self dialogue, and you will have broken the chains of guilt in you. Deal with the one you wronged later.


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