Sunday, 17 April 2016

Fleeing Poverty

 Its a Sunday like any other. am doing my laundry, dad is marking students papers, mom is doing the dishes and my sister just left to help a neighbor cook for visitors. on either sides of the house are men working on the shamba. there are two to the right and three to the left. i can hear the three laugh. one of them, lets call him James, never misses something to say and laugh about. and today they have been talking politics. you see elections is just around the corner so this has to be juicy talk. so i get closer hanging my cloths on the cloth line. They speculate the next president, talk of the current and those who will never make it. and then they talk money. You see here it is easy to be bought as a voter, or better said, your needs can be catered for during election periods if you swear allegiance to a certain politician. So, they are asking themselves, if Politician 'Generous' gave you money to vote for him what would you do. the other man, lets call him Lameck, answers that he wouldn't hesitate to take the money. you see it doesn't really matter how much. even a dollar is just as good as enough. so they joke around other bigger values of money. so i try answering myself, what exactly is our problem, is it poverty ,ignorance or joblessness? somehow the three are close twins and affect us all in the same magnitude. You see, we have known the smell of poverty to the core so much that we yearn to breathe fresh air of a little richness. we want to be people in our societies, we want to climb the social ladder that is ever slippery. we want resources too. and this has become our very way. this we say is our way out. so we flee as if we never doing this ever. we pocket sums of money to please politician the likes of 'Generous' from county 'Ignorant', My country is made up of few elites and many, very many who are not, we all live for the day and by the day. we eat our daily sweat and tomorrow is just another day of its own. Oh how we run from poverty. Like the rails of train we fall badly when we slip from the cycle of poverty. Maybe we are doing it all wrong, maybe we just don't want to move, or maybe, just maybe, its in our DNA!

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