Wednesday, 6 April 2016

The People, The Theory and The Science

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Image result for shadow photos of people happyIt’s a new dawn for our leaders here in Kenya; and also a large fraction of my brothers and sisters here. Is this propaganda as usual? Is it business as usual you ask? Why are we back to square one? Did we get scared of talking? Did we hide away the real truths? Did we just let time be wasted? Did we dine with darkness on account of our very own futures? Your guess is as good as mine.
I wonder, living amongst us are those who ruined us. And we led ICC wrongly, or maybe, led ourselves astray. Is it a case of dependency? Is it because they are the haves and we are the have nots? Are they that indispensable? Those people who fueled floods of blood. We have come to the rude realization, that indeed we wasted time. Crimes have gone unpunished, the rapes, the murders, the inhumane acts. All blown away with strong winds over time, while we followed empty court processes, or better still pregnant proceedings that forcefully opened our eyes. It is joy indeed. I now have leaders with no ‘international wrangles’. BUT, may we acquire the serenity to understand our current joy; and the loopholes it still presents in our very justice system. Part of us feels like finally this story is coming to an end. The ICC just found no evidence enough to hold those of our own. Six years of uneasiness, of mixed feelings and prayers amid curses. Six years of devastating struggles for survivors of sexual violence, six years waking up to questions and possibilities; and when the six years are finally over and done with, at the end of it all, its triumph and glory, or maybe sadness and worry.  So is that bad or good news? You may wonder…..

You see, in his arguments on the science of justice, Lysander Spooner, once said, to achieve the science of justice,

“…….we have to live honestly, hurt no one and give to every one his dues…”

And so without meaning to; we wonder, what was the point in all those processes? If indeed ICC found no evidence, why couldn’t it see the gaps therein? Surely those stories must have been enough to see through what was presented. And maybe learn who the real culprits are. As happy as we may be, where does the whole situation leave us? What happens to all these questions that linger in our minds, how do we not open the wounds that yearn to heal, or better still, what do we tell our great grandchildren when later in life they ask us, papa where were you when all this happened? Mama I though women had voices during that time. The Question is, are we living honestly? Are we trying not to hurt others? Are we giving everyone his dues? Are we fair? Are we being objective? Have we resigned?
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