Thursday, 19 May 2016

My Home of Wonders

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I don't know what it takes to be a god, but once you are, its another show all together.
today I cant help but laugh,....maybe I shouldn't. But I can't help it...
there is this man in my neighboring county in Kenya, he is a god in his own way
believe me we have lots of them each day, maybe its our amusement
I knew him through the media, I swear he had it in him to move hearts
......and women....that didn't come out loud, did it?
He called himself Jehovah- Wanyonyi. And as days go by, I continue seeing the ends of times through this man and his followers. I probably shouldn't judge, so I will say it like it is, he is a god who died but his followers think he is alive. He has wives, and CHILDREN......that's a talent too,
So today another woman, 65 years of age appears in his neighborhood, assures the residents that he isn't dead, and says she has been sent to continue the ministry of delivering men from evil. You see, that's not all....the man whom she recently married, she calls him malaika, that's angel in Swahili. Is this what we call slavery or religious liberty? I am definitely filing folk tales for my grandchildren some day when they become of age....I have to prove I was alive somehow. One of this fine days am going to walk on a boneless chest from laughing....

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