Tuesday, 10 May 2016

The Blessing of Being a Loser

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One day you wake up, you feel confused or maybe you think you are. Your face is all worn out and all you want to do is take your wrinkles to some other place no one knows. You want to become invisible, and still enjoy the company of your loved ones. So you walk away from everyone, and venture into the woods. This is where you have always had your prayers. This is where you meet God. This is where you become you. And today you feel a little scared. You feel like holding on to a rope and playing "squeeze my neck". You are asking yourself, why am i not getting there. Why am i always losing it all. Why do they all seem to know better? But you haven't stopped to ask yourself, what lessons are here for me today ? you haven't realized, the sweetness of being a lose. When you lose:
1. You become sober and analyze your situation better
2. You know you have the advantage of time to make a good comeback
3. You have the opportunity to learn from your past mistakes
4. You can finally understand the value of patience in success

So instead of whining your day away, thank your master and hold your head high. Keep in mind, those who ever did great things lost more than you have. So, press on young general!

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