Tuesday, 21 June 2016

We all need a friend


We all need friends most of the time, we all need someone we can lean on, someone we can call brother or sister, who isn't from your mother. Even when we push others away, that's the time we need them a lot. friendship is the only thing that has us living with each other, in simple ways its shown and subtle methods we use. When you cannot get all you would need from an earthly friend, then there is always an option of having a heavenly friend. Just don't do without either. 
See when i was growing up, I was told of a king called David, and how no one thought he would be king. But what actually caught my eye is the fact that he had this friend, i would call him unconditional, who was called Jonathan, i would love to call him Natty. You see in today's world we always choose evil over our friends, maybe we haven't had to choose really tough decisions to start with. In the face of death for David, Natty decided to hide him from his very own father......that's enviable. Am not sure how many would brag today of such friends, we all wait for them to die, and afterwards say long speeches at their graves. Yet we know they know nothing and hear nothing.  Friendship is the only investment that offers inexpensive options yet very rewarding.

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