Thursday, 25 August 2016

When I am a girl

            So Today i want to celebrate the Gender Institute in Egerton University. They are responsible for the passion i have in addressing gender related issues and especially reproductive health issues and mentorship provision for my sisters and brothers who want to join campus. See once in while we all need someone to assure us we can make it, someone who will tell us they understand our challenges but it would still be possible to make it, someone who will hold your hand and tell you, you are not alone, someone who will be able to tell you this is the way. we all need these gifts.

So, one morning in Morop girls somewhere in Nakuru County, we set out to talk to the girls, you see, its not just about the locale that is a challenge, all is well and agriculture flourishes around here, however, it has been hard to complete schools for some, because they get they get pregnant before it is time enough to have children, the poverty levels are relatively higher and words of encouragement make it worth their stay in school. as a human right component, education for the girls just like the boys should take a holistic approach, since women and girls have different needs as far as education is concerned. and so today for all the work individuals, NGOs, and friends do, I would like to salute Dr. Parsitau from the department of Gender in Egerton, you work will yield more fruits than you can imagine, I salute Lydia Mangoa and Abigail Basweti, thinking of girls in your local communities is commendable, I salute Sam Martin from GEMPlan Consult, your gender mainstreaming strategies are worth the trouble, I salute Sally Owuonda, your efforts to see girls see themselves in leadership is commendable, I salute Pascaliah Marwa, your passion to end the Female Cut keeps girls in school, I salute Cherotich Milcah, you take it upon yourself to understand what challenges our girls in the refugee camps go through....Oh how I salute you all. For each helping hand we extend, we shape our future.                                                                                                         


david ayieko said...

Good work.proud of you at many levels.This phrase caught my eye:
"they get pregnant before it is time enough to have children"

Ina Guya said...

Thank you David. Most times girls get pregnant when they can barely handle parenthood.