Friday, 21 October 2016

The Law is not an Idol

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"So last week started rather interestingly, I received a call from a friend. And he was furious that the university had apprehended his fellow lecturer for allegedly raping a student he teaches. The circumstances, he said were impossible for there to be rape. That the student left voluntarily with the lecturer in his vehicle and later on claims she had been raped along the way to town. “I would have changed the case round to look like a normal accident where the lady broke his legs, where I ran her over,   I would rather pay for that than be defamed with rape”. He said. He was worried that his friend’s reputation had been ruined….and that he was now ashamed even with his very own family."

So you wonder every single day, ore our legal systems, in the name of we can always do things another way. See there is no sympathy in cases of rape, and even if you are friends, lovers, husband and wife, gay lovers of lesbian lovers, the law has to take its cause. Show no mercy to no body, and this is not about payback time, but about instilling the right values needed in every. No relative who commits rape or defilement is safe to go home. He or she will do it again. When you are taken to the learned friends, take responsibility of your very own actions. For whether or not you are tried on this world, there will be another trial someday soon. So take it upon yourself to respect other peoples sexual rights, when you rape, understand that it is your own fault and never the fault of the survivor. understand that there is a thin line between consent and not consenting. Whether you force or coerce, you are committing a felony and indeed deserve the full wrath of the law. So yes, I advocate for the killing of the Idol we make of the law. May we see the law as the law. Amen!


Anonymous said...

It was about time we talked of these

Ina Guya said...

Yes, talking brings a whole lot of difference