Sunday, 6 November 2016

Lost and Found

Growing up in the Lord Jesus christ, we all get to hear
Image result for prodigal sonof different parables. And so these past few weeks I have been pondering upon the words of one preacher at my local church. I have been thinking of the three similar yet not so similar parables. The parable of the lost sheep, that of the prodigal son and that of the lost coin.
Every lesson always point out that indeed our good Lord is stretching out his hands, for they that are lost....that he will keep looking for us, every single minute, hour, day and time. He thinks of us all the while and when he brings us to his fold, then Heaven is full of joy, for one sinner has repented, one sinner came back home. Of the three parables, I came to learn that much as the lost sheep and the prodigal son have the knowledge that they are lost
the coin knows not that they are lost, 
this calls for deliberate efforts by the woman who lost it. She picks a broom, a candle and sets to look for it in the whole house
and when she finds it, her joy is so evident
the same way, there are those of us who profess of the Lord, who are lost within our own safe zones, thinking we still serve the Lord, yet we are so lost we need to be found
like the lost coin we know not that we are lost
and this is a wake up re-evaluate ourselves
Image result for lost coinsee if we are lost within our faiths...and come back to the Lord
we are Lost when worship becomes simply a routine obligation, when we worship to fit in, when we keep appearances by being among believers
so evaluate yourself...just like I am doing. Believe me, its not all rosy what you may find.

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John Lango said...

The message is potent. The piece is informative. The message is instructive. The challenge is on us; to daily examine ourselves (Lamentations 3:40) against the heavenly transcript [Jesus] that is plainly given to mankind.

Thanks for the message. Thanks for the challenge. I am keen to examining myself in the light of the message.