Thursday, 9 February 2017

Triumphant Somalia

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Looking back at the pains of my neighboring country, I feel like Allah has finally answered their prayers. I believe he will make life more bearable for them. So Somalia finally has a new president: Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo. I haven't seen genuine joy like this in a long time. There is celebration everywhere since the moment he won. See I live in Daadab, a refugee camp with over 90% Somalis. So last night the 8th of Feb, 2017 was a night like no other. Vehicles went through the camps. Hooting and people singing songs of victory. The mood in this place is joyfully overwhelming. One just has to say that Farmajo's win is beneficial and even the camels will look happier. 

Today has been a celebratory mood too. Now I know am not Somali, but in the moment I was happy to tears with joy. Children, women, and the old stood up at a function. So in honor of the Somalia progressive democracy, I saluted and the Somalia National anthem sang. I swear I felt like that was a victory song. It is still lingering in my head. I see the children jumping with joy. I see the master of ceremony leading the people in the song. I see long hugs of revived hope, tears of a new land, the slogan is known even without voicing it out, " Home at last". Long live Peace in Somalia. 

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