Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Proud to be a woman

Oh how am proud of this body granted to women…. I love our brains that keep our world intact, through our daily lives....See I feel like a child on Christmas day when I think of it. It feels like I have received a new doll, every day when I stand at the mirror and look at myself. I love every curve headed to nowhere, every smooth part of a woman sliding to nowhere. There is an aura of elegance, spirited around us for some sacred reason, and you know damn well the world needs us.

I love every lazy moving part of a woman that meets the tide of the wind, I see no ill but God’s own marvelous creation, I love being a woman. I love every scent of femininity that follows me around, or the aura of maturity that comes with age. I love the grace with which my existence brings, and I love being world's most complex organism. I pride in my beauty and take happiness as a personal milestone.

And today, Its international women’s day again, and the excitement is back. Oh how I want to celebrate you woman. I want to tell the world what you are worth, what I am worth. The studious women and the not so studious, the merry ones and the not so merry I celebrate you all, I salute you all. I salute you mother, for all the patience you have had with me. I salute all the ladies in my life, you know you have been instrumental; definitive of who I am, I want to thank all the ladies for the precious gossip we have once in a while, we add on to our days of living, and in so doing we consult over key issue with diligence.

 I celebrate you woman, for the unimaginable pain you go through bringing a child to the world, for the pains of crumps you carry around. I celebrate you women, for the leadership you uphold in your families and communities. I celebrate you women, for how good you have become at nurturing great people. I celebrate you women, for the full granaries we keep having season after another. I declare you a riddle of all times, an epitome over the years and a mentor to the generations. I celebrate you with zeal over and again. I want to hold each woman by the hand, for the herbal medicine treatment we hold to our graves, some of us owe our lives to it, I celebrate you woman, for every moment you took your breast out to feed a young one, for every moment you took to feed another, for every moment you went out of your way to clothes another. surely you have it your hearts to cause no harm whatsoever. Oh how I celebrate you all, for the many and the not so man things I can mention. Ma you feel the pride of being a woman. May you carry no yoke of burden home, for the world is our place, we are the power puff girls somehow, and we save the world somehow.


Anonymous said...

Happy International Women's Day!

Ina Guya said...

Happy international women's day to you too. Hope you celebrated all the women in your life too